• Cordyceps Japonica Lloyd Capsules (野生蟲草膠囊)
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    This product is a health food made of wild high-quality Cordyceps Japonica Lloyd. It retains the active ingredients of Cordyceps Japonica Lloyd in a maximized way by using advanced technology.
    According to ancient literature, Cordyceps Japonica Lloyd is one of the most precious traditional Chinese herbs and available in limited quantities. Cordyceps Japonica Lloyd, Ginseng and Antler are labeled as the major invigorators in China.
    Cordyceps Japonica Lloyd, American Ginseng, Astragali Radix Extract.
    1 bottle per box, 60 capsules per bottle, N.W. 0.3g per capsule.
    [Recommended Dosage]
    Twice a day, 2 capsules with warm water each time.
    Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.
    Made in Hong Kong

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    Sole Agent: Guangzhou Kanghe Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

Cordyceps Japonica Lloyd Capsules (野生蟲草膠囊)

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